Flying Rhino Cafe & Watering Hole

We are open Wednesday through Sunday! Takeout is also available! Click here to visit our Facebook page Thank you for your support over the last 20 YEARS!

Welcome to Flying Rhino!

Flying Rhino Cafe and Watering Hole is a unique gathering place offering an eclectic mix of food and drink in a cool, casual atmosphere. The Rhino symbolizes size, strength and rarity reflected in our menu selections. Bold flavored appetizer bites, hearty soups & sandwiches, gourmet salads, creative entrees and daily specials are served with originality. Guests are encouraged to sample and share flavors from around the world. The cafe menu is complemented with an extensive martini list as well as distinctive wines, great beers and an array of other beverages featured at the “watering hole.” Our restaurant is meant for those who wish to enjoy life to the fullest and who love to spend time with friends. So as funky beats fill the air and our staff serves you well… enjoy your ride while the Rhino flies!

Remember, kids, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t Flying Rhino!

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How can we serve you?

We offer many ways for you to experience our little slice of heaven — from the lively bar and welcoming dining area,
to summer on the patio and crazy fun events, and even right to you with takeout or Rhino Catering.

With so many options, your best solution is try try something new each time you visit. Now go grab friends, family,
or co-workers, head on over to our place, and enjoy life with us… rhino-style!

Rhino Charge Gift Cards

A great gift for ANY occasion!
The perfect excuse to visit us at 278 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester MA to pick some up, OR you can call us at 508-757-1450 and order one (or more!) that we can mail you!